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Where to meet a woman? – go and win!

Posted: Jan 29, 2018
by TourBar
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You want to meet a woman but don’t know where to look for your dream? Check our instruction and remember - love is unpredictable!

Unusual places, where to meet women

Women are everywhere, but you are looking for a special one. So we highly recommend you to choose places according to your interests. It is very important to find someone who understands your hobbies and can share experiences with you.

If you are a dog lover, visit dog parks. Chat with other dog owners and look for single women. You can also find special meetings for owners of concrete dog breed.

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Happy hours at bars are best ways of making new friends. Because a little bit of alcohol help us to be more courageous and self-confident.

Try visiting coffee shops. Single women sometimes work at cafes or spend their free time reading books there. Be a mysterious stranger at first – ask a waitress to carry something nice and tasty to a woman you like. I bet the women will be surprised and pleased. And after a moment you can ask to share a table with her.

If you use public transport, be attentive, your future wife may be sharing a seat with you. Maybe it’s n ot really comfortable to start a conversation in the bus, but you should look around, probably someone is waiting for an eye contact.

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Where to meet women online?

Nowadays we use internet every single moment. Probably you don’t have enough time for organizing dates and visiting places of interest. Therefore, you can register on TourBar, use a special mobile app. It will help your safe your time, energy and even money.

All you need is to make an attractive profile with your real name and personal photos, write a short story about you and then start searching for the right woman.

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