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Travel for Singles– discover the whole world

Posted: Dec 26, 2017
by TourBar
Solo traveler
If you are single you can travel on your own, but at the same time meet new people and make dozens of friends. To know how to discover the world, check our tips!

Best tours for single travel

If you don’t have a soulmate, but you need an exciting vacation, choose a tour which will be comfortable for single travel.
For example, take a cruise on board of a Mediterranean liner. You will be able to visit different countries, relax and sunbath on deck, participate in different events and shows.
You can meet people during excursions to the cities or in liner’s bars and restaurants.

Another idea is to go somewhere to practice a foreign language or learn a new one.
Usually there are people from different countries and you can choose a group according not only to your skills but also to similar age. Such trips have many benefits – you can visit a foreign country, meet new friends, practice language, improve your knowledge about different places.

You can also try volunteer trips as a travel for singles – along with new people and places you have a chance to change something. You can repair a castle somewhere in France or work in Italian vineyards.
Maybe it’s not a relaxing time but you will definitely remember this experience for the whole life.

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Single travel can bring you more friends

This is a paradox but your travel for singles can play for you! Even when you are lonely traveler it doesn’t mean you should be an introvert. Take a guided tour during the vacation or try to find a local guide in the country you visit.

easiest way to find somebody with the same interests is to go to TourBar. You need to create a profile with an attractive photo and a short story about yourself and then start to search for friends.

Organize a small meetup for travelers, plan some activities together, share experience and have fun!

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