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Smart and beautiful girls are waiting for new friends and travel companions. Russian girls are interested in dating and they can be good travel companions.

What is special about Russian girls and dating with them

Most Russian girls have natural beauty, but they love using makeup, dressing up and making hair. Even when they go to a supermarket they look as if a party is waiting for them after shopping. But it doesn’t mean Russians need a lot of money, girls are able to look gorgeous even when they are poor. What is their secret? Russian girls just want to be the best, and beauty is their main weapon.
You should know that Russians are very different in appearance – blondes and brunettes, tall and miniature, slim and plump. So try to find your type, it won’t be difficult. The majority of girls prefer feminine looks, they wear high-heeled shoes, skirts and dresses. And the main thing you should do is to behave with them like a real gentleman.
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How to impress girls and be successful in Russian dating

Start the conversation from something unexpected and attractive. Don’t be predictable. Of course all women like compliments, but Russians are used to them. So invent something very special, don’t say just “you are so beautiful”, make some comparisons and use metaphors. Be gallant and a little bit mysterious.
You shouldn’t pay attention only on girl’s appearance. Most of Russians have good education and can keep any conversation going. You can discuss literature, management or marketing and even economic situation. But politics is not sexy. Russian girls are pleasant interlocutors.
Be attentive and ask what she likes. Of course girls are fond of unexpected flowers. Some girls love roses and tulips, but even in choosing flowers they want men to be inventive. Ask about her preferences.
Russian girls don’t like mean people. It doesn’t mean they want all your money, but they do think that they achieve the best. So being a gentleman means you will spend an impressive amount of money on improving her mood. it doesn’t happen every time, but you’d better show your generosity! And it will definitely come back to you. Good luck in Russian dating.

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