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Meet travelers in countries you visit

Posted: Jan 16, 2018
by TourBar
travelers in your area
Go on trip by yourself and meet new people in different countries anywhere you go. Find someone you like online, start a conversation, find mutual interests and choose a place to meet.

Easiest ways to meet travelers abroad

• Find someone to share accommodation or choose a travel partner for the whole trip. If you are single or your friends are not able to travel with you, it’s not the point to dive up. Nowadays lots of people search for travel buddies on travelling sites or with special apps. Download one, register and start the conversation with people you like. You can meet in advance and discuss your future trip. You can also find someone abroad, who is going to be on your route. Spend some time together: have a bite and share emotions about your journeys. You can also offer to share some expenses – for instance to rent an apartment or hotel room.

• Use Ridesharing. There are services in almost every modern city, where you can find someone to travel with. People offer to low-cost rides between cities and even countries. It is safer than ordinary hitch-hiking, because you can read about your future driver, chat with him before the trip and discuss the details. More often that’s not only you and the driver but also other people in the car. So you have an opportunity to meet more travelers on your way!

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Why it’s important to meet travelers?

You can visit a meetup in the city you visit or create a meetup yourself. Find a meetup on sites according to your interests and hobbies, it can be a language lesson, outdoor activities, a master-class in cooking or what not! You can also invent your own meeting, make an advertisement and post in groups in social networks.

Travelling is not just about moving all the time. Sometimes we need to make a small pause and turn around. All people are so different and meeting other travelers will show you the world from another angle!

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