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Using TourBar dating site is easy and comfortable. Just read our instruction and start searching for your love all around the world.

How to use international dating site?

You’d better be able to speak in a foreign language, at least have the opportunity to write and translate messages. If you prefer using mobile phone you can do all these steps in international dating app.
Start from filling the information to your profile and be honest. Write your real name and age. It is also very important to upload your real and new photos. I bet you don’t want to mislead someone by your photos made during school days. But of course try to choose the best ones, don’t feel ashamed of trying to make a good first impression.
You should devote enough time to filling your profile even if the dating site needs you to pass some personality tests. All this stuff will help you find a compatible partner. At the same time remember that brevity is essential.
Don’t place the whole story of your life on your page, leave something for your future communication. If you are afraid of dogs or you have several snakes living with you at home, don’t forget to note this on your profile. People don’t like to waste their time with someone who has some specific habits and interests.
International dating site

TourBar international dating site – your key to success!

As you see, using an international dating site is very easy, but you should keep in mind, that filling the profile is not enough. You should be brave to make first steps and start conversation with unknown users. No matter whether you are man or woman, make a move when you like someone. But don’t start with a simple – “Hi”. It looks a little bit boring and ordinary.
Write something special – for example you can note what you liked about her/his profile and why you became interested. Than give a very short presentation of yourself and explain your intentions.
We hope, you will be lucky from the very beginning!

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