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Best places to travel alone and feel happy!

Posted: Jan 31, 2018
by TourBar
Where would you like to go to the next trip?

Top 5 best places to travel alone, if you need peace along with new emotions.

  • Norway. Imagine you are on a small ship traveling along the shore. You watch different fjords and small red houses on the coast. Everything looks like in fairytale. Norway is the place where you can feel unity with nature. People there are very sociable and kind-hearted.
  • Japan. This county is so authentic and special. Visit wonderful and busy Tokyo, then take a train to ancient Kyoto. Japan can amaze even sophisticated tourists.
  • Sweden. Take a bike and follow your heart! Stockholm is an ideal place for solo travel. You can walk on foot along all the streets in the city and you won’t get lost because everything is clear and simple. Everything in Sweden is so cozy and comfortable, parks, shops, museums and street cafes.
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  • Costa Rica ranks first in the Happy Planet Index ranking, so it’s also a suitable place to travel alone. Long beaches with black and white volcanic sand, enthralling views, noisy waterfalls. How about surfing?
  • New Zealand. This place is absolutely amazing. Perhaps there are no places with such scenery! Landscapes here look as if they were made in Photoshop!
  • If you can’t find best places to travel alone think about searching for companion.

    There are so many places you can visit by yourself, but if you don’t feel like doing it on your own, you’d better take a travel mate with you. Of course solo trips have advantages, but it is also a big and complicated test for your personality and character.
    Don’t spoil your vacation and don’t harm yourself. You have the whole life ahead; you will definitely get a chance to travel alone when you are ready.

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